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The Real Deal Sponsor Summit in Hollywood, July 31

Hey guys! - I will open this post with this:

The last Real Deal Event in April generated upwards
of $200,000 of deal values for the attendees...

what other event has done that for you?
do you really want to miss this one?

Do I really need to say more? of course it's summer and it's hot and you're maybe not in the mood to do a seminar....
AND the age old question - is this thing really worth it?

The answer speaks for itself - HMMA has been delivering results since day one and the Real Deal series is achieving more results than anything else out there today. That's because we won't settle for less. Your success is our success - end of story.

I can get all pitchy and be sales douchey with you but anyone reading this is hip to that and really just wants the straight truth. Musicians and content producers have it tough enough out there and are the most "bottom line" and savvy folks I've had the pleasure of working with. So I will always respectfully speak to them on the level.

HMMA knows this and has designed events like the Real Deal to deliver more and more value that attendees can take to the bank. We've effectively broken down walls and provided access to our members to people and networks that they simply would never have access to or if they did, would take far longer to develop a workable relationship so they could actually do something.

More top level speakers and presenters and brands are being added every day and that means more resources for you. Believe me, until you try getting sponsors for your projects, you have no idea just how convoluted it is. The biggest challenge you will face is finding the right people to talk to and guess what, we're serving them up on a silver platter!

Most of you would do whatever it took to get that guitar string you needed before a gig or spend an extra 3 hours in the studio to get that little part to sound just right. The same intention would hold true for you if you are a filmmaker or event producer or any type of media creator - you demand the best and demand results.

I only wish there were things like this when I was coming up. Now that I have a chance to do something about it - I'm doing it for you guys with the HMMA

Check out the Real Deal event here:



Social Media Secrets for Musicians

HMMA presents

"Social Media Secrets for Musicians"

by Amy Houck of 440 Artist Alignment

The key to good online marketing is always branding! We like to think of “branding” as your online personality. For a musician a brand has a character, a look, a logo, a color scheme, and a vibe. You are your BRAND! Read more


Alan Brewer - HMMA's The Real Deal - Looking for Co-Writer for upcoming feature


The Real Deal Speakers and Schedule

The Real Deal Speakers

Alan Brewer
Composer, Producer, Songwriter / BME
Amy Houck
Marketing Strategist & CEO / 440 Artist Alignment
Art Ford
Licensor, Music Library /
Steven Goldmann
Director (Burning Bridges, Trailer Park of Terror, etc.)
Richard Glasser
Head of Music, Weinstein Company
Jim Dooley
TV, Film & Video Game Composer / Remote Control Productions
Steffan Fantini
TV & Film Composer
Helen Schmidt
Social Media Director / 440 Artist Alignment
Julia Michels
Music Supervisor (Sex in the City 1&2, The Blind Side, etc.)
Zain Effendi
Film Composer
Rhonda Bedikien
Publisher / Heavy Harmony Music
Dan Licht
TV & Film Composer
("Dexter", "Body of Proof", etc.)
Loren Weisman
Producer, Author, Consultant
Paul Shaheen
CEO, Cryo Snowbaords
Jim DeCicco
CEO Fast Forward Entertainment / Artist Coach
Ray Costa
Costa Communications
Glenn Litwak
Entertainment Attorney
Jett Dunlap
JD24/7 - HMMA Media Host
Terrell Newby
CEO - Football Channel USA
Jerry Davis
Music Supervisor - FOX Sports
Jay Warsinske
Chris Honetschlager
President, BETA Records
John Vinestreet
Vinestreet Music Consulting
Rod Lindquist
Music Dealers - C.A.R.E. Rep, Catalog A&R
Sabu Simonian
Commercial Composer
Lazy Hooks Music Library
Ryan Merchant
Commercial Composer
Lazy Hooks Music Library
James Leach
VP-Writer/Publisher Relations & New Technogies
Chris Lennertz
TV & Film Composer
("Supernatural", "The Deep End")

The Real Deal Schedule of Events

8:00am - 8:50amRegistration
9:00am - 9:45amKey Strokes to Global Success : Social Media Marketing 2.0
Amy Houck - Marketing Strategist & CEO, 440 Artist Alignment
Helen Schmidt - Social Media Director, 440 Artist Alignment
Loren Weisman - Producer, Author, Consultant
Jennifer Lyneis - President, UE3 Promotions
10:00am -10:45amLICENSING ROUND 1
Football Channel USA & Cryo Snowboards
11:00am -11:45amFinancial Security: Collect Your Music Money!
Rhonda Bedikian - Publisher, Heavy Harmony Music
James Leach - Director-Writer, Publisher Relations, SESAC, Inc
12:00pm -1:00pmLUNCH BREAK
1:00pm - 1:45pmSmall Screen, Big Bucks: The Land of TV Composing!
Moderator: Ray Costa - Costa Communications
Jim Dooley - Composer ("Pushing Daisies", "Epic Mickey")
Steffan Fantini - Composer ("Criminal Minds", "Suspect Behavior")
Dan Licht - Composer ("Dexter", "Body of Proof")
Chris Lennertz - Composer ("Supernatural", "The Deep End")
2:00pm - 2:45pmLicense Friendly Music: Secrets to the Perfect Placement Song!
Moderator: Alan Brewer - Producer, Songwriter
Richard Glasser - Head of Music, Weinstein Company ("Crash", "The Painted Veil", etc.)
Julia Michels - Music Supervisor (Sex in the City 1&2, The Blind Side, etc.)
Jerry Davis - Music Supervisor, Fox Sports
Art Ford - Licenser, Producer (
3:00pm - 3:45pmLICENSING ROUND 2
Co-Writing Opportunity, Beta TV, Music Dealers Library
4:00pm - 4:45pmLICENSING ROUND 3
Richard Glasser - Weinstein Company
5:00pm - 5:45pmLICENSING ROUND 4
Art Ford - World Song Net Exclusive Library
5:45pm - 6:00pmGuided Success Visualization Wrap-up
Facilitated by Jim DeCicco

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The scam of certain licensing sites.

Licensing your music is a great way to create a series of different streams of revenues and profits for your songs in ways well beyond just the sales of a song by download or CD. In addition, it can open up a series of connections for your music and your writing.

Some have gone on to careers where they do all their work scoring, composing or licensing older works to movie soundtracks, television shows, commercials, video games and even corporate training videos.

The information on licensing and music insertion opportunities has come a long way and just as it has created revenue for the artists, it has also created revenues for various agencies, companies and middlemen to be involved. Of course, many of these are legitimate but a great deal more are not. These scams play off the hopes and lack of understanding that many artists have about this side of the music industry. Read more


Indie Thursday 2 year Anniversary


Another Album: Is that the answer? Most of the time....No.

If you were packing your car for a cross country trip that you felt you had to make.. whether it was a dream, a desire or a need, here is a question....If you bought a car, bought the supplies for the trip and then started out of ..lets say Boston and then you got as far as New York... Would you take the money you had saved for gas, hotels, food and the remainder of the trip and spend it on another car or if you were running out of money, instead of saving up for those gas, hotel, food and toll costs, would you put it toward a new car? Read more


Don't Waste time you don't have in the first place.

Are you wasting time? Yesterday I was told a story about an artist from a friend that said they have been working for weeks straight on the edit of a video they recorded years ago to make it pop and look cleaner. Now this video has very few views as is right now. It didn't help them years ago and an edit of it right now to make something that has already proved unsuccessful, to all the sudden work is a real long shot. Let's just say next to impossible. Read more