HMMA Overview

The Hollywood Music In Media Awards™ (HMMA) recognizes and honors the music of visual mediums (film, TV, movie trailers, video games, commercials, etc.), the talented individuals responsible for creating, producing and placing it and the music of artists, both mainstream and independent, from around the globe. HMMA is the first music awards event to recognize and honor excellence in music supervision. Iconic artists are presented with Outstanding Career Achievement honors for their accomplishments and longevity in the entertainment field. The awards event features live music performances, celebrity appearances, award presentations, an exclusive VIP reception and gourmet dinner banquet. The entire event is shot with multiple HD cameras for digital and cable broadcasts.

Hollywood Music In Media Awards (main event) provides a comprehensive awards experience within a high value networking and opportunity environment for all musicians, composers and industry professionals.

The Music in Media Interactive Symposium™ (MIMIsym) sets a new standard for true democratization in the new music industry by bringing together the best and the brightest within arms reach of every artist in an action packed intensive one day event.

The REAL DEAL™ is a new conference series that brings instant gratification for the on demand world. Informative and thought provoking sessions and deal making right on the spot are signature features for HMMA’s The REAL DEAL. Topics include music to picture composing, licensing, sponsorship, booking, negotiations, endorsements and legal matters.

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