Robert Cipriano - IllumAlliance International Humanitarian Group LLC

Rob Cipriano is Founder & Chairman of IllumAlliance International Humanitarian Group LLC and Beyond Borders Internet TV. A consummate entrepreneur Robert Cipriano began his professional career in early 1979 at the age of eighteen after moving from his hometown of Liverpool, New York to New York City. 1980 - 1985, Mr. Cipriano formed a group of companies with blanketed representation that would cover many venues of the entertainment, fashion and music industry.

In 1982 Cipriano had created L’Etoile Talent Agencies. Capri Productions, Limited, Jered Fashion Designers and subsidiaries entities such as Black Jack Records, Austin-Hill Productions, and Creative Youth Group. Cipriano's main focus was artist management and relationship building with the entertainment and musical arenas while his partner oversaw L’Etoile Talent (fully franchised SAG, EQUITY, AFTRA) agency. Mr. Cipriano combination of companies would go on to represent Pat Cooper, Jackie Vernon, Joey Bishop and Foster Brooks. Mr. Cipriano also worked with Mickey Rooney, Vivian Blaine Buddy Ebsen, Ted Knight, Sammy Cahn, Gene Kelly and scores of other Hollywood legends such as Gloria Swanson, Gig Young, Ann Sothern, Martha Raye, Dorothy Lamour, Don Knotts, Don Adams, Steve Allen, Robert Alda, Morey Amsterdam, Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford, Dody Goodman, Edie Adams, Dawn Wells, Frank Gorshin, and Shelly Berman (in cooperation with the Ruth Webb Agency.) Rob Cipriano also represented or managed the careers of Ralph Monoco, Carol Cass, Dan Lauria, Saverio Saridis, Mrozinski, Judy Faye, Joey Faye, Russ Reid, Claudia Peluso, Denise Clemente and Harry Blackstone Jr.
Rob Cipriano produced a documentary for Portraits Television “The Real Raging Bull” Jake LaMotta,. The documentary was awarded Finest New Documentary at the 1983 NAPTE Convention in San Francisco, California. In 1984 Cipriano also opened Applause Entertainment Special Events in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Applause was a partnership between Robert & Kathy Levine and Cipriano Entertaprises Limited (CEL).

In 1985 Cipriano sold his interest in the entertainment combine of companies and traveled to Los Angeles, California. He joined Parkinson Friendly Productions working on such television productions as The Miss America Paegent, Camp Beverly Hills and 911 Emergency. Cipriano was asked to produce a feature film on the biography of Frank Ragano, attorney to Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa and Santo Trafficanti.
In 1986, Cipriano acquire interest in the real estate industry, and pursued commercial real estate development, sales and management. Joining together with R&B Properties in Los Angeles, California. Cipriano develops his first commercial development in Dayton Ohio. Mr. Cipriano and Paragon Real Estate’s President, Donald Nordstrom created the Elmwood Galleria Office Complex. This was an exciting and financially rewarding project for all the parties. In 1988, Cipriano returned to New York City to open his new real estate venture Cipriano Development Group (CDG). Cipriano created a joint venture with Taylor Woodrow International plc., from the United Kingdom to absorb all of their US assets and leases. Starting with their leasehold interest in 250 Park Avenue, New York, New York, which had been their North American headquarters. This 36,000 square foot office floor became the new home of CDG and its newly formed partners and joint ventures. 1988 through 1995 the CDG Group of Companies created by Cipriano included CDG Holding Corporation, CDG of New York, Inc, CDG of New Jersey, Inc. CDG of Pennsylvania, Inc., CDG-Norah Tew Designs, Inc., CDG-BGN Solid Waste Sciences, Inc. CDG-Artistic Builders, Inc. and numerous other real estate related entities.
Rob Cipriano designed and implemented and introduced asset syndicated privitization with (debt syndication) throughout the 1990's. Some of the privitizations projects included AMTRAK, numerous prison facilities, highway toll projects and a numer of parks. Cipriano also worked with The Commonwealth Of Mass, Governor William Weld and Lt. Governor Paul Cellucci on the Third Harbor Tunnel debt synidcation privitization. Rob Cipriano created a team of partners that included Oppenheimer & Company, AIG, Taylor Woodrow International, Ian Westwood-Booth and hundreds of contractors and vendors to handle the mutli-level finance instrument for the BIG DIG. 

In the mid 1990's Cipriano was invited by Margaret & Dennis Thatcher John Major and Lord Frank Taylor to address the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom on privitization issues and opportunities.
Mr. Cipriano had traveled to many countries between 1985 and 1996 and had witnessed many cultures. He began to feel as if there was something more important than business deals, real estate transactions and corporate partnerships. Mr. Cipriano immediately began designs and plans for a new program for the development of a children’s charity.
He joined forces with Angie Dickenson, Jocelyne Joyca and Paul Anka and recorded For You Children. Cipriano's old friend Jocelyne Joyca opened a children's charity named The Foundation For The Declaration Of The Rights Of Children. Once again with his partner Jocelyne Joyca in charge of entertainment and Mr. Cipriano working the business directorship, FDRC was laucnhed. In late 1997, Mr. Cipriano co-produced a fundraiser with the Friends Of Sheba Medical Center at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The same year Mr. Cipriano decided to retire entirely after surviving a major stroke. He slowed down yet did not stop. He acted as a consultant and advisor to many charity projects, developments and international finance transactions.
Mr. Cipriano’s approach to business changed considerably as he retired from the hectic high anxiety stressful duties of CEO of an international company and dedicated himself to working to bring together the business world with the compassionate non-for profit and charity world. It was in the summer of 1998 that Mr. Cipriano formed the “Day of the Child World Concert” in support of the children of the world. In 2000, Mr. Cipriano was ready to head out again and fight the good fight. He was introduced to officials of the SHIC organization in China/USA. As a guest of SHIC, Cipriano traveled to Shenyang, China to assist in the management and activities of a children’s orphanage project under the supervision of the Shenyang Children’s Welfare Agency. Additionally, Mr. Cipriano became involved with a Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Shenyang.
While working with the hundred or so children, Mr. Cipriano became deeply touched as he saw how financial support was in such short supply. One group would visit after another and provide much needed blankets, toys and clothing, yet very little in actual donation revenue was available. If it were not for the kind acts of the missionaries, there simply would not be any condition at all that would resemble sanity. Cipriano’s stay in China was a short three months however, the seeds were planted. In 2001, Mr. Cipriano after returning to the United States, created IllumAlliance International Trust. Building a website and creating numerous joint ventures with individuals and companies including DOW Chemical, WorldCom, Greenstar, and governmental entities such of The People’s Government Of Jing-An Shanghai and Hope Schools Education for the benefit of children.
He returned to China in May, 2001 and created an international joint venture with China Business Chain Group - IllumAlliance-China Business Chain Group JV in Shanghai, PRC. Opening offices and employing a staff on the other side of the world was no easy task. During his time in Shanghai, Cipriano opened the Shanghai Children Welfare Center in Shanghai. Mr. Cipriano traveled to Beijing with his partner’s WorldCom and had a series of meeting with the People’s Republic Of China Ministry Of Civil Affairs Department of Social Welfare. Rob Cipriano and Deputy Minister, Wang Suying created the framework for a truly historic multi-national commerce for humanity co-management program between IllumAlliance and the PRC government. The cooperation would include care for every children’s orphanage in China and the ability of international companies to participate in the funding of improvement programs.
Mr. Cipriano returned to the United States in June, 2001 and has remained dilligently developing programs within the IllumAlliance Group that assist children globally. In December, 2006 IllumAlliance participated in a fundraising initiative with Lifeline Of Hope and Operation Warm Blankets that resulted in the delivery of blankets and supplies into Darfur where children were suffering the cold winter nights. 

In 2007, Cipriano developed strategic alliances and an assortment of various multilevel associations with AOL/Userplane, Denise Brown (The Nicole Brown Foundation), Orphans First, CARE, Canada, ChildCare International, the American Foundation For Children With AIDS, Millennium Promise, ONE Campaign, Space Coast Marine Institute, UNICEF, Wayne Warmer (God Bless The Children).

Additional various alliances were developed by Cipriano with Network For Good, Help For Orphans International, Songweavers.Com, A Heart For Missions, Artists For Charity, Youth Challenge For Charity, Humanitarian Crisis Conference, Humanitarian Resource Insititute, HUMANBE, Sustainable Agriculture, Evangelicals For Darfur, Children's HopeChest, In late 2007, Cipriano developed the IllumAlliance International Humanitarian Group and Beyond Borders Internet TV www.bbitv.tv with his partner Michael L. Gentlesk. Cipriano currently sits on the Board's of the American Foundation For Children With AIDS, USA Today CEO Panel, National Effective Parenting Initiative, Evangelical For Darfur/SAVE DARFUR and Sustainable Agriculture.
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