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Dylan Berry

Dylan R. Berry is a media and entertainment professional, award winning music producer and entertainment entrepreneur who has managed, published, produced and composed hundreds of hours of music for the top rated shows on TV including American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and the MTV Music Awards to branding over 7 major networks including Starz, Time Warner

Sportsnet (Lakers, Galaxy, Sparks, Access Sportnet theme songs), Time Warner News Network (All channels nationwide), Root Sports Network (NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS…), ESPN Sports Center Theme remake and award winning themes for all 10 of the Encore Network stations to composing and music coordinating for the Oscars, Spike Awards, Victoria Secret Fashion Shows and many more.

Dylan Berry has built a 360 degree media and music production, licensing and exposure value network in the Hollywood media and entertainment space using technology and community as a tool to create ,deploy and monetize music and media.

Companies include:
RADIO NETWORK: (Radio Host, Dash Radio / Discover Channel)

Dylan Berry social media and professional links:
Smash Haus Credit List
Smash Haus Website
The Creator Collective

Dylan is the radio host of the celebrity, influencer and industry related talk show “Bompopradioon Dash Radio’s Discover channel every friday from 12pm to 2pm showcasing and vigilantly supporting the independent unsigned, self powered music community by showcasing and exposing new emerging talent. Bompop and Bompopradio is a partnership deal with collaborator, TV personality and notable influencer DJ Skee who was voted by Forbes and Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the most influential tastemakers in music and media.   

Dylan is one half of the music production teamThe Filthy Fidgetswith co-producer Stefan Litrownik who’s work credits include notable acts such as One Direction (Best Song Ever – #1 Billboard hit of 2014), Andy Grammer, Verdine White of Earth Wind and Fire, Spankrock, Rye Rye, Billy Ray Cyrus, Cypress Hills Sendog, Oxy Morrans, Ashely Allen, Kristii (debuted at 35 on Top 40 Pop indicator charts) and many more successes.   

Dylan is a partner at Sonic Pool Post Production in Hollywood California where Smash Haus Music Group is headquartered. Sonic Pool Post is a 20,000sq ft Post Production facility in Holllywood hosting 35 Avid edit bays, 5 bullpens, THX Certified 7.1 surround sound theatre stage, foley stages, audio mix rooms, FX – Davinci, Smoke, Color bays, and anything else needed to complete any media productions from visual to audio.

Prior to 1998, Berry played drums with many recording artists as well as working in production as a set builder, set decorator, prop master, lead man, and eventually Art Director and has done many different production jobs.

2015: ON CAMERA:
Dylan Berry is the on camera host for the TV show pilot for “Who Got Heat” with Redman (notable recording artist, movie star) and legendrary producers Battlecat and Rockwilder.

2015: ON CAMERA:
Dylan Berry in tandem with Sonic Pool Post has received a greenlight to start production on a mini documentary series supporting street musicians to be directed by veteran documentary director Maria Wye Berry.

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