Submission Info & Voting

HMMA Selections, Nominations and Voting:
Submissions are reviewed by the HMMA Selections Committee. Nominations are selected by an advisory board and selections committee which includes journalists, music executives, songwriters, composers and other entertainment professionals. The winners are determined by the HMMA voting body, comprised of music-media industry professionals, select members of the Society of Composers and Lyricists (SCL), The Television Academy, the AMPAS Music Branch, NARAS, performing rights organizations, film music journalists, music executives and HMMA Voting Academy members. Voting is internal and confidential and winners are only revealed during the awards show.

Policies and Guidelines:
All works submitted must be the Artist’s original work. Anyone submitting works for consideration represent that they are the creators of the works submitted, own the rights or have the authority to enter the works for consideration.

• Enter as many submissions as you wish. Submission fees are per entry.

• Deadline for 2017 MUSIC IN VISUAL MEDIA submissions in Friday, October 6th (midnight PST)

• Deadline for 2017 MUSIC GENRE submissions is Saturday, September 30th (midnight PST)

Music Genre submissions can be audio recordings only without having a visual counterpart.

• All entries are online only. It is artist’s responsibility to insure functionality of links and/or web portals where material is hosted. There are no submission fee refunds.

• Hollywood Music in Media Awards, while accepting entries throughout the year, reserves the right to open and/or close submission deadline(s) as deemed by HMMA.

• If possible, materials entered should be no more than 10 minutes in length. Edited clips that best represent music supporting visuals are acceptable.

• Music will be evaluated based on melody, composition, lyric (when applicable) and music-to-picture enhancement. Quality of performance and production will also be considered.

• Visual submissions (music of film, TV, video game and all other forms of visual media) are for productions released within the 12 month period of December 31st of the previous year and December 31st of the current year. These categories should have a link to the visual clip that includes the music being submitted.

• The HMMA’s reserve the right to re-categorize entries and/or combine categories at its discretion. Nominations will be announced throughout the season as they are selected and Winners will be announced only at the Main Event in November and online thereafter. Any artist from anywhere in the world may garner a nomination or win in a category at the main event.

• Derivative works may be acceptable in certain formats, but may be subject to rejection by the HMMA.

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