What is the HMMA?
HMMA are the initials for Hollywood Music in Media Awards, a live red-carpet style awards show honoring the music of visual mediums, music of independent music artists, and the professionals responsible for placing, producing and creating music in visual mediums. The two-hour awards event features live music performances, award presentations, celebrity appearances, a dinner banquet and shot with multiple HD cameras for a post-edit broadcast.

Who is it For?
The HMMA was created to equally recognize mainstream and independent music artists and composers worldwide for original recorded compositions. Additionally, the HMMA recognizes and honors the work of music supervisors, producers and other industry professionals. The HMMA does not select nominees or winners based on record label affiliation, sales, radio play, box office or popularity.

Where is it being Held?
The HMMA Main Awards Event is held at the historic Avalon Theater (1735 Vine St, Hollywood, CA 90028)

When is it Taking Place?
The HMMA Awards Ceremony takes place in November (this year Nov. 16, 2017)

How do I Participate?
Music artists and artist representatives can submit music for nomination consideration directly through the HMMA web site or through our designated submission partners. All submission instructions are provided on the HMMA Submission Rules page. Industry and foundational entities can participate via sponsorship and/or strategic partnerships. Businesses and entrepreneurs wishing to participate can do so via the HMMA Sponsorship Program. We welcome all interested parties to contact our sponsorship team directly.

What are the Benefits for Music Artists?
By just submitting, your music will be heard and evaluated by the industry professionals that make up the HMMA Selections Committee. This means you’re already reaching the individuals you may be seeking to hear your music. By receiving a nomination, you and your music will be evaluated by HMMA Advisory Board, Selections Committee, Voting Academy and HMMA producers. Additionally, your music may be selected for the HMMA monthly sampler that is accessible by industry professionals in the HMMA network, including music supervisors, music libraries, labels, producers, directors, filmmakers and others looking for fresh, new music.

What are the Benefits for Partners & Sponsors?
As a sponsor or partner, your company or foundation will be exposed to a coveted consumer demographic that includes music lovers, press media, industry moguls, celebrities, independent artists and pop culture tastemakers from around the globe. For more info, please see our SPONSOR DECK or contact sponsor@hmmawards.com.

How is this different from other Awards?
There are several unique elements of the HMMA that set it apart from other award shows. Here are just five examples:

1) The HMMA was specifically created to recognize the music of visual mediums and the music of independent music artists around the globe.
2) This is the first music awards show to honor individual excellence for Music Supervision.
3) This is the first and only awards show that recognizes Video Games equally as contemporary visual mediums such as television and film.
4) For the visual medium music categories, both mainstream and independent music artists are considered equally and not differentiated by record label affiliation, sales, airplay or popularity.
5) HMMA has established itself as the precursor event for accurately recognizing, predicting and selecting nominees and winners months prior to other award programs such as Golden Globes™, Emmys™, Grammys™ and Oscars™.

What if I don’t live in or near Hollywood?
Geographic location makes no difference with regard to where music submissions come from or the evaluations they receive. The HMMA welcomes international submissions. Artists from around the world attended the event.

Who can Attend?
The awards event is attended by industry professionals, celebrities, nominees and music lovers of all kinds. Ticket availability is limited and the show WILL SELL OUT so, we highly recommend securing tickets early. The Award show tickets available for purchase are Banquet, VIP and General Admission. Visit the HMMA Tickets page for more info.

Can my Band Perform?
One of the featured attractions of the HMMA main event are the live performances. There are six performance slots available. The producers balance the performances to reflect the diversity of the music the HMMA recognizes. A company, business entity or organization sponsors performance slots. The HMMA does not charge or accept money from artists to perform at the main event. If a nominated artist secures a legitimate company sponsor, the HMMA will consider having them perform at the event, if the performance fits the format and quality of the show. The HMMA reserves the right to choose the performing artists regardless of whether a sponsor is involved.

Who chooses the Nominees/Winners?
The HMMA Selections Committee comprised of industry professionals (music supervisors, licensors, composers, musicians, producers, publicists, journalists, managers, publishers, etc.) review submissions and select nominees. Once nominees are selected, winners are subjected to voting by music-media industry professionals comprised of select members of the Society of Composers and Lyricists (SCL), The Television Academy, the AMPAS Music Branch, NARAS, the HMMA Advisory Board, performing rights organizations, film music journalists, select music executives and the HMMA Voting Academy. Results are revealed at the HMMA main event and posted online thereafter. Career Achievement and Lifetime Achievement recipients are selected by HMMA Advisory Board and HMMA Producers.

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